Buying property in Putnam County

Are you considering buying property in Putnam County? Here are five important questions you should answer BEFORE buying:

  1. Is the property zoned?
    The zoning designation regulates what you can and cannot build on the property. Call the Office of Planning & Infrastructure at 586-0237 to find out what the zoning designation is for the parcel. Have the tax map and parcel number available when you call.
  2. Is the property located in the 100-year flood plain?
    Prior to purchasing property in Putnam County, the planning office can provide you with a copy of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood insurance rate maps and blank elevation certificates for properties located in the flood plain.If you are purchasing a structure located in the 100-year flood plain, the planning office may be able to provide you with a copy of an elevation certificate issued previously for the structure. The elevation certificate would assist you in obtaining flood insurance for the property.
    ForMore Floodplain Information Click Here
  3. Does the property have sewer service or is it served by a private septic system?
    If the property is served by public sewer, your primary concern would be capacity of the sewer system if your plans call for a commercial, industrial or multi-family development. For sewer information click on the link below:
    Putnam Public Service District:
    If the property is not served by public sewer, you will want to inquire about septic suitability at the Putnam County Health Department (304-757-2541). Septic system approval for development of land is required from the Health Department prior to obtaining an approved building permit or final approval of a plat. The Health Department will also inform you where the required septic field can be located on the property. You will want to know where the septic field should be located before you decide where to build any structure on your property and before you do any grading on the property.
  4. Would you have legal access to the property?
    Does the property front on a roadway which would provide you with direct access to the property? If not, is there an adequate right-of-way to reach the property? Is the right-of-way legally recorded on a deed? If not, consult your attorney. These questions can be answered by reviewing the deed on record with the Office of the Putnam County Clerk.
  5. Are there any restrictions on the property, other than or in addition to zoning?
    Restrictive covenants may regulate what you can and cannot do on the property. Recorded restrictive covenants are maintained on file with the Office of the Putnam County Clerk and should be reviewed prior to the purchase of any property. If a property is located within the zoned area and is covered by restrictive covenants, the strictest regulation will always apply to the property.