Zoning Ordinance for Unincorporated Areas of Putnam County

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For your convenience, the following links have the Zoning Ordinance broken down into all the separate sections in order to download and print in a reasonable time frame. At the bottom of the this page there is a link to a complete Zoning Ordinance PDF document that will take more time to download as well as print.

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Article 100- Enactment & Scope
Article 150 -Definitions
Article 200 – Zoning Districts & Maps
Article 250 -“A” Agricultural 
Article 300 -“R-C” Rural County District
Article 350 – “R-R” Rural Residential District
Article 400-“R-1”  Single Family Residential District
Article 450-“R-2” Mixed Residential District
Article 500 – “R-3” Neighborhood Residential District
Article 550 -“N-C” Neighborhood Commercial District
Article 600 –  “C-1” Suburban Commercial District
Article 650 – “C-2” High Density Commercial District
Article 700 – “H-I” Highway Interchange District
Article 750 – “IOP” Industrial Office Park District
Article 800 – “I-1” Light Industrial District
Article 1000 – “PUD” Planned Unit Development District
Article 1100 – Special Permit Uses
Article 1150 – Site Plan Review
Article 1200 Parking, Loading, and Internal Roadways
Article 1250 – Performance Standards
Article 1300 – Landscaping & Screening
Article 1400 – Signs 
Article 1500 – Drainage & Storm Sewers
Article 1600 – Road Access
Article 1700 – Supplementary Provisions 
Article 1800 – Nonconforming Provisions
Article 1900 – Administrative & Enforcement
Article 2000 – Amendments & Hearing Procedures
Article 2100 – Board of Zoning Appeals

COMPLETE ZONING ORDINANCE NOTE: this document is very large, allow time to download.